Sober dating chicago

Though never a huge drinker, I was a steady one — easily downing up to three glasses of red wine per night — and since I'd become hopelessly addicted to Ambien, I was afraid that alcohol might turn problematic, too.At the time, I was freshly single, and it had been a while since I'd been called upon to make awkward conversation with a stranger, play the "Who's Going to Pay for Dinner?

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And where better to annotate and highlight the pages of your Big Book than in this hub of Ivy-League intellect?Plus, you got to watch Amazonian women play basketball, which is definitely not a waste of an evening.Bookstore readings are an awesome way to meet single lesbians for two simple reasons: a) you already have something to talk about—your mutual interest in the author you came to hear, and b) you have time to talk before the reading starts, and while you’re waiting in line to get your book signed.Our sister sites at 12Step and Lovein are devoted mostly towards singles in 12 Step Programs of recovery where you can narrow down your searches to your own personal 12 Step Program.Our site here at Sober Singles Date is for ANYONE choosing to live a clean and sober lifestyle or who basically just doesn't drink or drug and prefers to date others of same.It seemed like only yesterday: I was on a blind date with a friend-of-a-friend.


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