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These are all descriptors that often describe passionate, romantic love.

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He cooks, cleans, lets me be right, takes me on dates, buys me flowers for no reason, gives me back rubs, will watch ‘chick’ movies with me and practically adores me. The butterflies are so constant thinking of him, being around him, when people say his name. generally he isn’t a big mobile user so I wasn’t surprised (although maybe I just use this to protect myself?

I decided the right thing to do would be to pay him a visit and he seemed just as excited as I was, telling me how he can’t wait to see me and in so many words, get back together. When I arrived in the UK he had himself a girlfriend, she was exotic, fun, cool and… ) apparently their fling turned into something more and I was left wondering what I had missed.

Zach is lovable and funny so to hate him would be virtually impossible. Two years down the track I have met the most lovely, sweet hearted, talented man, Noah*.

“Five years ago I met a man, Zach*, I was going through my HSC examinations and he was leaving for a London life in less than 4 months, so this began as a bit of fun in the interim.

Before him I had only ever had one ‘serious’ high school boyfriend, Zach’s world was new to me; nightclubs, new music, crazy sex and butterflies- crazy butterflies all the time!


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