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DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ITS DURABILITY The aluminium body of the scanner guarantees its extreme durability.

Moreover, the i Scan has a solid case which is easy to wash as it is made of very high grade plastic.

Whatever the reason, “Mustang” benefits from the designation.

No Turkish movie has been nominated for a foreign film Oscar in the 60 years that category has been competitive, but 37 French films have been.

Some of the girls escape their imprisonment and rebel against early arranged marriages.

The uncle who took them in after their parents died decides they will remain on his property to protect their purity, both in body and reputation.

He withdraws them from school, cancels all trips and starts inviting families over for arranged marriages.

The five scandalize the village by goofing around with boys at the seashore; the fully-clothed girls ride on the boys’ shoulders in the water, trying to knock each other off, like American teenagers in any municipal pool.

Their normally sympathetic grandmother accuses of them of becoming sexually aroused in public, shaming the family.


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